UCI Beckman Scholars Program


About the UCI Beckman Scholars Program

The Arnold and Mabel Beckman Foundation is an independent, non-profit Foundation established in 1977 for the purpose of supporting leading edge research in the fields of chemistry and life sciences, broadly interpreted. UCI has been selected as one of the hosts for the prestigious Beckman Scholars Program, a 15-month mentored research experience for exceptional UCI undergraduate students who are doing research in chemistry and life sciences. This Beckman Scholars Program provides an inspiring, multi-disciplinary research environment, individualized mentoring, ample communication and leadership experiences, and time management/life skills coaching for the Beckman Scholars.

Each year, 1-3 outstanding students will be selected as the Beckman Scholars based on their academic record, quality of previous research experience, and potential to become prominent research leaders in the chemical and life sciences. Each research term consists of 15 contiguous months starting at the beginning of summer, continuing during the following academic year, and continuing further for the next summer:

The Scholars will be supported by a $6,800 stipend in summer 1, $4,600 stipend during the academic year, and $6,800 stipend in summer 2. In addition they will get $2,800 towards research-related travel and supplies.

Scholars must commit to the entire 15-month time period to be eligible to receive an award. The Scholars may choose to work with any of the 15 faculty Mentors listed in the table below. All of these Faculty Mentors are distinguished by their high level of scientific excellence and research productivity, exceptionally strong commitment to undergraduate education, and strong undergraduate researcher mentorship record. The 2023-26 Faculty Mentors include:

Mentor DepartmentResearch Area
Amal AlachkarPharm SciMolecular pharmacology
Scott AtwoodDevelopment & Cell BiologyEvolution of drug resistance
Claudia BenaventePharm SciEpigenetics in childhood cancers
Olivier CivelliPharm SciNovel neuroactive molecules
Vy DongChemistryEnantioselective catalysis and natural product synthesis
Celia GouldingPharm SciStructural biology
Rachel MartinChemistryBiophysical chemistry and NMR
Sergey NizkorodovChemistryChemistry of organic air pollutants
James NowickChemistryPeptide chemistry in Alzheimer’s disease and antibiotics
Joe PattersonChemistryChemistry of soft materials
Jennifer PrescherChemistryChemical tools for noninvasive imaging of biology
Olga RazorenovaMolecular Biology and BiochemistryCancer biology
Sam SchrinerPharm SciBiochemistry of aging processes
Gregory WeissChemistryChemical biology tools for enzymology and molecular recognition
Jenny YangChemistryCatalysis for renewable fuels