How to Analyze and Address Your Potential Undue Foreign Influence Risks

Preventing undue foreign influence largely depends on the campus developing a clear understanding of the potential risks and vulnerabilities and implementing reasonable actions to mitigate them to protect their work, reputations, and the national interests.

  • Determine what might make you a person of interest for intelligence collection
    • Expertise and research, or political endeavors
    • Privileged access to locations, items, data, and/or people
    • Knowledge of research activities, security protocols, networks, and/or sensitive personnel information
  • Be mindful of requests for information or quickly developed relationships that seem a little "off"
  • Be discrete with information shared, even if it seems trivial
  • Avoid posting information that could be compromising or sensitive
  • Limit social media access to those you know
  • Vet individuals soliciting connections into professional networking sites- do not accept individuals who have not contacted you otherwise, do not have shared expertise, or otherwise invitations seem "different"
  • Carefully consider motives for gifts, honors, or unique opportunities
  • Be mindful of requests from an entity to keep your relationship/affiliation with that entity confidential
  • Use strong passphrases/complex passwords for accounts or devices

UCI Information Security has a helpful website on International Travel- Information Security Guidance with tips and resources to help keep your information safe while traveling internationally.

The most important guidance is to travel only with the data and devices that you need.

Subject AreasContact
Conflict of Interest in Research (Researcher’s Outside Financial Interests)
Federal Grant Applications (Biosketches, Other Support/Current & Pending Support)
Relationships/Activities with Restricted Entities, International Travel or
Conflict of Commitment (Faculty Member’s Outside Professional Activities)
Intellectual Property (Record of Invention)

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