International Research Activities and Engagement

To support UCI’s continued engagement and collaboration in research with the international community while also addressing the federal government’s expressed concerns about undue foreign influence, the Office of Research created this website to provide the essential information and helpful resources.

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Basics (How to get started)
Details (Intl Research Activities)

How to get started

Recommendation: Maintain a set of up-to-date records of your activities and relationships to refer to when completing these disclosure requests

  • Maintain an updated CV
  • Master Log is a tool and example of the types of information you need to maintain and track

Federal agencies are investigating discrepancies and failures to disclose in university grantees, which resulted in some cases, universities terminating researcher’s employment and criminal and civil charges

Who Needs to DiscloseDisclosure TypeWhen to DiscloseWho to Disclose toContact/Resources
UCI EmployeesIntellectual Property - Record of InventionSubmitted after invention’s discoveryUCI Beall Applied Innovation Research Translation Group
UCI FacultyConflict of Commitment: outside professional activities in UC OATSAnnually based on the fiscal calendar, Prior Approval for Category 1 ActivitiesUCI Academic PersonnelIlona Pak (
Researchers (varies based on applicable Conflict of Interest policy(ies)- see COI Disclosure Chart)Conflict of Interest: personal outside financial interests
Public Health Service/National Science Foundation: KR COI Annual Disclosure
Other policies have different disclosure procedures
With certain research project based transactions (such as proposal, award, continuing award, etc.)UCI Conflict of
Conflict of Interest (Office of Research)
Researchers (varies by federal agency)Biographical sketches: positions, affiliations, etc.- see DetailsIn federal grant/contract applicationsFederal AgencyInternational Activities & Relationships Compliance (Office of Research)
Researchers (varies by federal agency)Other Support/Current & Pending Support: research related resources, collaborations, etc.-see DetailsAt just-in-time/with application and updated with federal project’s annual progress reportsFederal AgencyInternational Activities & Relationships Compliance (Office of Research)

Frequently Asked Questions

Foreign influence or undue foreign influence are terms used to describe the federal government's concerns over foreign governments and entities' influence in academia which could negatively impact the United State's economic competitiveness and national security.  The four main areas of concern are:

  1. Peer review violations
  2. Failure to disclose substantial foreign resources, including but not limited to: foreign employment arrangements, foreign grant support that creates problem with overlap, or over-commitment, foreign talents programs.
  3. Failure to disclose significant foreign financial conflicts of interest
  4. Compliance with regulatory requirements including US Export Control laws and regulations, which establish a set of requirements for the transfer of technology and data to foreign countries and/or foreign nationals in the US and sanctions from the Office of Foreign Assets Control, which restrict interactions with individuals or entities on the sanctions list.

These concerns resulted in new legislation, federal investigations, and updated disclosure requirements, emphasizing the importance for researchers and universities to disclose accurately, properly and consistently and establish practices to reduce the risks.

Please review the Basics section above and continue to monitor our website and campus emails for announcements of changes since this is an evolving compliance area. 

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